7 Benefits of Italian American Dual Citizenship

benefits of italian american dual What are the benefits of Italian American Dual Citizenship?  We came up with these 7 benefits of being an Italian American with dual citizenship but there are many more.  What other benefits could you add to our list?

 To be able to legally work, reside and study in Italy and in the other EU countries (UK, Germany, Holland, etc.)

 EU Flags

Unrestricted ability to buy property in Italy and complete all economic transactions.

 Property in Italy

 To be able to transfer the citizenship to all children under 18 years old automatically.


To be able to access Italy’s low cost, high quality public education.


To have the right to vote for the Italian Parliament representative in your region.

Italian Parliament Building

To establish a firm identity with your Italian heritage.


Serving in the military is no longer required of citizens.





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